We want to have impact on and add value to people’s lives, so they can be successful in creating tangible and visible results for themselves, their teams and their organization. We follow our passion , making you better in delivering results through your talent development. We thrive from your talent.

Your success is our success.

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What makes a good leader?

imec’s Founders Circle event brings together the innovative and creative minds behind the creation of these start-ups. The previous edition of Founders Circle took place on November 24th at the StartupVillage (Antwerp). With a focus on leadership awareness, the event was led by Steffi Van Ranst from TICkA, who started by challenging attendees to reflect…


Yes, it is a fact! We have booked our ATD tickets to Atlanta

It was a run for tickets this year. We decided to go for it, even earlier than last year. And we are so proud to announce we will be traveling with a bunch of … 6! Yes SIX “TICkA-tjes” will fly into Atlanta on May 20th 2017. The first keynotes are announced. Two astronauts – captains…


The Multiplier Effect according to Liz Wiseman

How to double your workforce for free? Why do some leaders drain intelligence while others amplify it? Are you as a leader a Multiplier or a diminisher?

  • Are you a Talent magnet?
  • Are you a Liberator?
  • Are you a Challenger?
  • Are you a Debate Maker?
  • Are you an Investor?