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How to exploit Chaos

Often struggling with chaos? See it as an opportunity! According to Jeremy Gutsche there are 150 ways to spark innovation during times of change. Key lessons include: 1) STRATEGY – Turn chaos into opportunity; 2) CULTURE – Create a culture of innovation; 3) TRENDS – Filter through all the noise; 4) INNOVATION – Increase your…


The power of vulnerability

“Vulnerability is often considered a sign of weakness, but harnessed correctly, it can become a potent tool for success in relationships, career and family. It is hard to admit that sometimes we don’t know what we are doing, to wrestle with feelings of shame and unworthiness and to risk uncertainty and emotional exposure.” It takes…


Maak de inspirerende leider in u wakker!

Talent, motivatie, teamspirit, doorzetting, een rolverdeling, doelstellingen … het zit in topsport én in ondernemen. En u? U bent de coach. In iedere ondernemer schuilt er een bevlogen coach. Laat die coach eruit komen tijdens de Inspiration Topcoach met Jef Brouwers – sportpsycholoog van de Red Lions, Evi van Acker, en de Belgian Tornados. Al na één middag gaat u positief…