‘Nine Lies about Work’ by Marcus Buckingham is now published. We invite you to read it.

I put it all together: small money well invested can bring you lots of happiness (money being the most important happiness factor in Flanders as researched and published by Lieven Annemans’ (UGent) Research on HAPPINESS. But without people, partnership, positivism, passion, and professionalism nobody realizes any dream. We promote all this as facilitators of PERFORMANCE,…


ATD San Diego 2018 – Day 2

ATD San Diego 2018 – Day 2 A second day full of learning, amazing. A last advice from Marcus Buckingham, keynote speaker 2: « spend a week being in love with your job ». See what you feel. Like Messi who has only one foot, a left one. He feels very good using it. And everybody likes…