Companies we work with

We don’t work for them, we work together with them and their staff.

Athletes and teams we work with

Belgian Tornados

Vlaamse Yachting Federatie


Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team

Koninklijke Belgische Voetbalbond

Koninklijke Belgische Hockeybond

Koninklijke Belgische Korfbalbond Vlaamse Liga

Case examples

We work for a large range of companies, from smaller local companies to larger multinationals.

A global leader in the capital goods sector

A group of 24 leaders (team leaders and supervisors) are key in the development of all operational employees. We started a program for development with the management team. The whole program was supported and executed by the management. The program was based on Insights Discovery and how differences become strengths in working together. The awareness…


Market leader in the building sector

The company has embarked on a complete overhaul of their sales processes and approach that resulted in their ‘Sales Excellence’ program. This program encompasses absolutely every aspect of their sales operations across the 103 companies in their group (which are spread across the globe). Sales people improve their Sales Excellence, trough objective measurement and guidance…


A specialised insurer for large and medium sized companies in continental Europe

During this Leadership Journey, first-time managers got an extended package of insights, knowledge, attitudes and skills that will enable them to fulfill their role as a leader. These objectives relate to the necessary self-awareness and personal effectiveness as well as to the crucial skills for a leader to form and lead a team and its…