Eric De Pooter

Have a good life!

What does “to have a good life” mean for me? What does a good life look like for me, on a professional and personal level? These are questions that most people often ask themselves, consciously and unconsciously. They are questions that I regularly ask myself as well.

And the answer often is about having dreams and the desire to realize them. About being successful. About doing things and achieving results. About learning and unlearning; dealing with change and accepting what cannot be changed; having fun and enjoying.

I love to make people successful, to work with them to achieve the results they envision. To realize their version of a good life. As I am always surrounded by fantastic people who do that for me too.

The magic potion for all that consists out of a strong portion of self-knowledge and self-awareness, some firm splashes of focus and decisiveness, confidence and a pinch of Zen.

And getting to results always starts by doing things…

Let’s have a good life!

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