Nora Vaes

‘Putting growth into action’ is my drive!

Passion for people was the reason I became master  in Psychology and passion for people is why, I  evolved  as  a  caring and driven coach for individuals  and teams.  I coach people in achieving their goals  in an effective way and help them in their personal growth, this as well in a professional as in a personal field. Awareness of qualities and strengths  and  using them, in a practical way in personal development is key in my approach.

Thirty years ago I started my career as a qualitative researcher working for a spin off company of the Free University of Brussels.  After a few years giving trainings in communication, leadership and coaching  in a business context, this became my main field of activity.  The last 20 years I worked as an independent consultant and learning coach in one of the top Belgian companies in the HRD learning department. I contributed successfully in learning and development  tracks in several large companies, at different management levels, in white collar and production and operations environment.

Being also a stress and burn out coach, I am challenged to inspire people, teams and companies to keep balance between energy management and great company results.

Meanwhile I gained a lot of experience in the use of different HRD tools f.e. MBTI.

‘Putting growth into action’ is my drive, in order to get effectiveness and results.

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