TICkA Business supports people in developing their talent within their organization.

We use scientifically proven tools to propose a tailor-made approach. We never use a one for all approach, since every need is different. We assist people in proudly reaching previously set objectives. Through an in-depth analysis of individuals and teams we develop a program according the needs and the defined objectives.

This way people and organizations evolve into their highest level possible. In these challenging times, people are increasingly confronted with a huge complexity and rapid change. Dealing with this continuously changing world and its impact on people asks for a constant growth of competencies.


TICkA Sports deals with individual athletes and/or their staff team. Working with people is our passion. Whether it is in business, private or sports, it’s always about “How good can I be?”’.

In sports it is always clear who wins. The result is immediately visible.

The only purpose is getting athletes on the stage in their discipline.

Developing their talent and assisting them to focus on the right things in their ambition, is our mission. We enhance their performance through mental strengths and are driven by their success. Winners take it all. Reach for gold!


TICkA Personal is a one-on-one approach. We guide you in seeing a path towards realizing your goals in life. We assist you in finding a way to optimize your life balance and reaching your personal goals, through further developing your talent  and mobilizing your full potential.

In individual sessions, we guide you towards the results you want to reach in your life and career. We assist you in first becoming aware of your talents, motivations and what essentially drives you. Afterwards, we explore how to optimally use them in order for you to reach your personal best.